Requirements for Warranty

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- Warranty mode will be applied in the followings:

+ Products technically broken while manufactured and set up
+ Products still in Warranty duration
+ Products with Nguyen Hanh Certified Warranty Card

- Warranty mode will NOT be applied in the followings:

+ Clients repair the broken products themselves without noticing Nguyen Hanh for our awareness
+ Products scratched or broken by Clients while usage
+ Products soaked and dried agaisntwoodeater from the inside; hence we will not be responsible for any damage caused by external effects such as wetness, pest or rats…
+ Products expanded, twisted or warped due to water drowned. Products badly ifluencedby vapour or fire…due to malfunctioned electricity/water system from clients’ house
+ Products out of Warranty duration
+ Products without Nguyen Hanh Warranty Card

- Tips for usage:

+ Avoid direct contact with wet stuff for a long time
+ Avoid putting products near the flammables
+ Avoid contact with heavy-weight or rigid stuffs or putting overweight stuffs inside